Company name:
Swiss Life AG branch for Germany
Insurance industry
Company size:
1,750 employees

Initial situation

Swiss Life is a leading provider of financial and pension benefits. Organisational adaptability is the basic prerequisite for the successful further development of the company. This is particularly important in the digital age. The introduction of a new document and output management system at Swiss Life and the associated digital transformation process proved this to be true.


  • Lack of overview of the frequency of use and relevance of all existing business documents, processes and areas.
  • Tight schedule and limited resources for project implementation.

using LUY

Achieved results

  • Transparency and documentation of all business documents regarding their current and historical use
  • Clear assignment of responsibilities and relevance of business documents
  • Fast and precise evaluations: It was analyzed that only about 35% of the existing business documents were actually actively used
  • Short project and implementation phase
  • Significant savings, as significantly fewer business documents had to be recreated
  • Continuous transparency for planning and migration progress through living documentation
  • Meaningful decision papers in technical, professional and organizational terms could be quickly prepared

Side effects

  • Complexity can be reduced permanently and reuse can be increased sustainably
  • Transparency in processes, interfaces & systems - all relevant information in one central location. This is a further effect of the digital transformation made possible by LUY.
  • The acceptance of business navigation topics has increased
  • LUY has proven to be an all-rounder at Swiss Life and offers a multitude of additional application possibilities beyond the classic Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
  • Analyses with LUY are established and accepted as an integral part of the entire document and output management process. Thus, the digital transformation was successful not only in process management, but also in the thinking and acting of employees

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