LUY helps your company position itself much more flexibly in this digitally connected world.

LUY Business Navigation delivers more convenient overviews of interactions among IT and business processes which you can display in one single tool for ease of reference.

LUY helps you make sound decisions, navigate every type of terrain dexterously, master future-critical challenges, and reach all your goals reliably.

Be it digitization or conformity, continuity or optimization, LUY effectively supports all your company's essential disciplines.

LUY is pragmatic, fast, and results-oriented!

But see for yourself …


Digitization - "simply possible"


Gain better insight into the integration of digital technologies and methods in your company. With LUY and our advice and practical tips you will be able to assess the quality of your current IT support for your business and to identify gaps or incompatible media formats. The findings will allow you to adapt your company optimally to meet the requirements of the digital world.

Regulatory conformity - "unfortunately imperative"

Regulatory conformity

With LUY you can meet your regulatory obligations quickly and easily. We help you align LUY with regulatory stipulations and prepare the reports relevant to your company. Together we will configure LUY in a way that ensures continuously high data quality and thus reliable reports moving forward.

Business continuity - "what else"

Business continuity

If you want to ensure smooth operations in your company, LUY will see you through. We help document the results of your protection requirements analysis, make the business-critical elements in your company transparent, and enable you to decide on the measures you need to implement.

IT cost optimization - "stay on top"


Tap the potential for IT cost optimization in your company.

We lend a hand when you need to detect cost drivers and take the necessary steps to control them. Also, we help you tap potential savings by consolidating, standardizing, sourcing, and other measures.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you want to share your business use with us!

LUY Business Navigation is your compass; it also creates a map for your flexible, seamlessly connected company and ensures you always have the optimal setup.