What is Business Navigation?

In an increasingly digitally networked world, it is becoming ever more important to be responsive. Business Navigation with LUY gives you an overview of the interaction between business and IT systems, processes and the people involved with just one single tool. So you can easily make the right decisions.

Without knowing the status quo, even the path does not lead to the goal.

LUY is the digital compass for your business. It tells you where you are at the touch of a button and navigates you effectively and safely to your goal.

Business Navigation is so straightforward with LUY because LUY is easy to understand and available to everyone. And that is important because companies do not have just one decision-maker, but many performers with individual requirements and relevant information. Work collaboratively and relaxed in one tool and celebrate your success together!

With LUY you can use all your know-how effectively without losing sight of the route.

LUY is the compass for your business - LUY is Business Navigation.

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