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Initial situation

Our customer is a globally active company in the manufacturing sector with numerous subsidiaries. The product sales to end customers are carried out via an international dealer network. A wide variety of applications (e.g. portals, product configurators, CRM systems) are used in the sales process. These are controlled either by the local subsidiary on site or by the head office, depending on the specifications. To make matters worse, the respective processes differ significantly from country to country. It is assumed that although the situation is quite well under control, the IT landscape can be harmonized more easily. The company hopes that harmonization will provide better control options and a more efficient use of IT resources.


  • Lack of transparency regarding the existing application landscape
  • Insufficient overview of regional needs and requirements
  • The documentation of the current IT landscape resembles an inconsistent patchwork
  • Countless lists on the intranet, Excel wallpapers, unstructured continuous text and valuable knowledge, some of which is only in the heads of the employees
  • Business processes usually only exist in presentations, are therefore not really evaluable and certainly not linkable with other data
  • The organically grown "uncontrolled growth" is to be curbed. On the other hand, freedoms should be granted where flexibility is required (e.g. regional legal requirements)

using LUY

Achieved results

  • A central, uniform and consistent database was created
  • With the help of LUY, it is ensured that the documentation is now alive and not a one-time affair
  • The manual data maintenance effort could be minimized considerably through automation and the LUY survey function
  • Reliable statements and visualizations at the push of a button are now possible at any time

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