About us

We are LUY! We empower companies to make the right decisions in order to address future-critical challenges and achieve goals much more efficiently and quickly.


For more than ten years, we have been successfully supporting companies in the mid-sized and corporate environment in Business Navigation. What once began with classic enterprise architecture has developed into a modern solution in response to new requirements. More than one hundred customers rely on our know-how.


The LUY team stands for consistency and the courage to innovate. We are pragmatic, fast and straightforward. We are strong in implementation and love best practice solutions. We strive for long-term relationships based on partnership and cultivate them with responsibility. We are open-minded, curious and transparent in our actions.


Immediate success and intuitive use "out-of-the-box" - we put a strong emphasis on the development of processes, technologies, people, infrastructures, changes, challenges and product solutions. Our approach is state-of-the-art and delivers precise and reliable answers for your Business Navigation.


Get the overview you need - individually, in real time, at any time. We create the basis for a flexible, seamlessly networked company. LUY plays a central role in this.

Make more decisions - ask fewer questions: Accelerate the transformation. We put our customers in the fast lane.